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Buda-Koshelevo is situated in the northeast of Gomel oblast. It was founded on July 17, 1924. The total area is 1,6 thousand square kilometers. The population is 40,9 thousand people including 9,5 thousand in Buda Koshelevo. The region has 242 settlements; 19 rural and one settlement councils.

The agro-industrial complex is made of 24 agricultural companies: 10 agricultural production cooperatives, 10 municipal, 3 republican agricultural unitary companies and the closed company Agrotekhservice. Besides, agricultural products are manufactured by 25 farms.

The region totals 6 industrial companies. The leading companies are the joint Belarus-Holland venture JSC Amipack and JSC Buda-Koshelevo cheeses. JSC Buda-Koshelevo consumer services center comprises communal services, knitwear atelier, 16 service centers. The consumer cooperation network includes 84 shops, public catering center and a cooperative industrial complex.