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Winter barley harvested from 10,500ha of land in Belarus

Winter barley has been harvested from 6.47% of the area under this crop, the Agriculture and Food Ministry told BelTA.

As of 5 July winter barley was harvested from 10,500ha of land (6.47% of the harvested acreage), with 45,200 tonnes threshed (the average yield stood at 43 centners per hectare). Winter rapeseed was gathered in from 140ha of land or 0.04% of the targeted area, with 150 tonnes threshed (the average yield stood at 10.9 centners per hectare). Winter colza was harvested from 810ha (19.1% of the targeted area), with 900 tonnes threshed (the average yield stood at 11.1 centners per hectare).

Second grass cutting was performed on a total of 207,200ha or 22.6% of the targeted area. Progress reached 41.5% of the targeted area in Brest Oblast, 5.30% in Vitebsk Oblast, 25.4% in Gomel Oblast, 19.7% in Grodno Oblast, 30.1% in Minsk Oblast, and 5.64% in Mogilev Oblast.

Grass was gathered in from 161,300ha or 77.8% of the area where grass has been cut. Drought-afflicted cereals were harvested from 51,500ha of land. Belarusian agricultural workers made 252,400 tonnes of hay (26.2% of the target), 6,538,800 tonnes of haylage (47.8%), including 195,400 tonnes in polymeric packaging, 152,900 tonnes of grain haylage, and 182,100 tonnes of silage (0.95%).

Plans have been made to make a total of 9.6 million tonnes of feed units out of grass this year. So far 21.2% of the targeted amount has been made. Belarusian farmers are supposed to stock up on nearly 19.2 million tonnes of silage, 13.7 million tonnes of haylage (including 1 million tonnes in polymeric packaging), and 962,100 tonnes of hay.

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