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Fountain in the town of Buda-Koshelevo


17 January 2023

Belarus hosts over 13,500 visa-waiver travelers since 1 January 2023

Over 13,500 foreigners have visited Belarus as part of the visa-waiver travel program since 1 January 2023, BelTA learned from the State Border Committee of Belarus.

Since 1 January, Belarus has weclomed 9,966 citizens of Lithuania, 1,822 citizens and 462 citizens of Latvia, and 1,329 Polish citizens. All in all, since the launch of the visa-waiver program for neighboring EU countries, Belarus has hosted 398,565 arrivals: 258,229 citizens of Lithuania, 27,341 non-citizens and 89,956 citizens of Latvia, and 23,039 citizens of Poland.

More information about visa-free entry to Belarus is available on the website of the State Border Committee of Belarus and the mobile app Belarusian Border.

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