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Belarus' MFA provides updates on media accreditation under new rules

MINSK (BelTA) - The Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has provided updates on the accreditation of foreign journalists under the new rules. The statement by Anatoly Glaz, Head of the Information and Digital Diplomacy Office, Press Secretary of the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is available on the ministry's website, BelTA has learned.
On 5 October, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched the electronic application forms for temporary or permanent accreditation on its website, Anatoly Glaz recalled. “In line with the new regulations, which have embraced a number of best practices, this process has been simplified. Now everything can be done electronically, the list of necessary documents has been reduced. Temporary accreditation cards can be obtained electronically and printed, without the need to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to pick them up. This is particularly relevant during this difficult epidemiological period,” Anatoly Glaz noted.
According to him, the ministry also took into account the previous objective criticism, when journalists working in the regions had to go to Minsk for a temporary accreditation card. “We receive applications daily. I think as of today we have received more than 70 of them from about 15 foreign media outlets. In short, the process is well underway. Maybe it is not as fast as we would like, but we are doing everything to speed the process up. The new commission is scheduled to hold the first meeting today. Of course, first of all, as promised, we will consider the applications submitted previously. We will also do our best to allow at least several journalists from various foreign media to work while we are considering the documents of their colleagues,” the spokesman noted.
At this stage the priority will also be given to citizens of those countries where foreign media are registered, he said. "New accreditation cards have been prepared. Some questions, of course, may arise. For example, the commission may use, for the first time, Paragraph 11 of the regulations which concerns the principle of reciprocity in cases where restrictive measures are applied against journalists of the Belarusian media. The commission will provide more updates as the work progresses,” Anatoly Glaz added.

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