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Belarusian farmers gather in over 250,000t of cereals


Belarusian farmers have gathered in 258,900 tonnes of cereals, the Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry told BelTA.

As of 19 July winter barley was harvested from 45,100ha of land (75.6% of the targeted area), with 236,100 tonnes produced and the average yield at 52.4 centners per hectare. Winter rapeseed was gathered in from 7,080ha of land or 59.1% of the targeted area.

Cereals and leguminous crops (excluding corn, buckwheat and millet) were harvested from 52,000 hectares, which is 2.43% of the designated area. Progress was at 4.77% (16,500ha) in Brest Oblast, 1.27% (4,410ha) in Gomel Oblast, 3.87% (11,800ha) in Grodno Oblast, and 3.77% (16,900ha) in Minsk Oblast.

A total of 258,900 tonnes of grain was threshed in Belarus, with the average yield at 49.9 centners per hectare.

As part of the second cutting farmers cut down grass on 48% of the targeted area and made 521,900 tonnes of hay (54.6% of the target), 10.173 million tonnes of haylage (75.8%), and 270,400 tonnes of silage (1.42%). A total of 3.181 million tonnes of feed units has been made out of grass or 33.4% of the targeted amount.

BelTA – News from Belarus