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FEZ Gomel Raton industrial output up 42% in January-September 2021

Resident companies of the Belarusian free economic zone Gomel Raton (FEZ Gomel Raton) increased their industrial output by more than 42% in January-September 2021, compared to the same period last year, BelTA learned from the FEZ Gomel Raton administration.

“The activity of resident companies in general is characterized by the growth of industrial output (works, services) in actual prices. In January-September 2021 this figure was Br4.1 billion, which is 42.1% up from the previous year,” the FEZ administration said. The share of the goods produced by the resident companies was 17.5% across the oblast. Revenues from the sales of goods and services exceeded Br4.48 billion (137.8% to 2020).

The FEZ Gomel Raton resident companies sell most of their products abroad. The export of goods exceeded $1.1 billion. Goods are supplied to the markets of 63 countries. Most of the supplies go to Russia (48.1%), Ukraine (18.6%), Poland (7.8%), Lithuania (6.6%), and China (6.1%).

The foreign trade over the three quarters of 2021 stood at the level of $1.7 billion. The FEZ Gomel Raton trade surplus made up $581.3 million.

In January-September 2021 FEZ Gomel Raton attracted $76.3 million of direct foreign investment for the implementation of investment projects. “This is 47% of the total volume of investment in Gomel Oblast. FEZ resident companies invested Br263.4 million in fixed assets (115.1% over 2020),” the administration added.

As of 1 October, 69 business entities were FEZ Gomel Raton resident companies, including 30 companies with foreign capital from 16 countries. Three new resident companies with the declared investment worth $48.3 million have been registered this year.

The average number of employees at resident companies is 30,116 specialists. In January-September, 713 people were hired for additional jobs.

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