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Russia's Kirov Oblast eager to study Belarus' know-how, create joint ventures


 Kirov Oblast of Russia is interested in the expertise and knowledge of Belarusian specialists and is ready to set up joint ventures with Belarusian partners, Kirov Oblast Governor Alexander Sokolov told journalists following the talks with Belarus' Ambassador to Russia Dmitry Krutoi and Gomel Oblast Governor Ivan Krupko in Moscow on 20 February, BelTA has learned.

“Belarusians and Russians are fraternal nations, they understand the same way what is good and what is bad, they value and love their history, they both see their future as independent, sovereign countries that have the right to make their own choice,” Alexander Sokolov said.

In his opinion, Western sanctions against Belarus and Russia achieved just the opposite effect. “Every time they tried to put pressure on us throughout our history, we achieved new heights, made breakthroughs in space. I hope that the combined potential of Belarus and Russia will produce a synergistic effect,” the governor stressed.

According to him, Kirov Oblast is primarily interested in Belarus' expertise in mechanical engineering, as well as technology in animal husbandry and vegetable growing. “We are ready to join efforts and create joint ventures,” Alexander Sokolov assured.

“We know Belarusians as very conscientious, meticulous and efficient construction specialists, and we have a great deal of construction work and we are ready to invite Belarusian companies to work together in Kirov Oblast,” he said.

“We have a very strong scientific and educational potential. I think that our universities would be happy to take in Belarusian students and, together with Belarusian colleagues, we are ready to create new products in the field of science. We are interested in Belarus' know-how in electronics and chemistry. We also have our own achievements in chemistry and mechanical engineering, and this is exactly the case when two plus two will be more than four,” concluded the Kirov Oblast governor.

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